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Nuns do it. People who live past 100 do it. I want to do it, too. I want to live a long and healthful life. But if it means always having to have a positive demeanor or going around telling people to have a nice day, then I'm afraid I'm already on borrowed time. The more I witness man's inhumanity to man, animals, and the environment, the darker my outlook on life becomes. The more time I spend on Earth, the more losses I experience, from my physical abilities to the death of friends and relatives. More and more, I feel like the blighted rose that's being done in by the invisible worm in William Blake's Songs of Innocence and of Experience. As Blake pondered, how do life's experiences not make you jaded? How do you embrace the world without going into total denial or being a naive Pollyanna? As I stare down my 32rd birthday, I realize I need to take some action. If I don't do something to change my emotional attitude soon, it might be too late. IoI

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Age 45 years old 18 - 44 yrs old
Location Gold Coast,Parish of Saint George,Australia
Relationship status Single
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Profession Banking / Financial Services

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Some-one who can be loving gentle and passionate. I'm only up for girl-girl so no guys please.
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